Monday, September 23, 2013

Finally some good news

Good news, Rebecca,
As least as of now, we don't see recurrent tumor.


** HISTORY **:
Followup sarcoma

Comparison: 07/26/2013

Technique: Multiplanar multisequence MR images of the left thigh
were obtained without and with 20 cc of intravenous gadolinium.

The large 8 cm mass of the posterior left thigh has been resected.
There are postsurgical changes. A marker was placed at the skin
incision site. There is linear scar within the subcutaneous fat.
There is a small 1.5 cm fluid collection likely representing a
postoperative seroma in the subcutaneous fat. It is low in signal
intensity on T1 and high in signal intensity on T2. There is no
enhancement of this fluid collection. There is also linear fluid
signal within the posterior muscular compartment of the thigh in
the region of the prior mass. The fluid is high in signal
intensity on T2, low in signal intensity on T1 and shows minimal
linear enhancement. These likely represent postoperative changes.
No new nodular or recurrent enhancing mass is seen. There is a
small 2 cm fluid collection near the hamstring muscles. The fluid
is high in signal intensity on T1, low in signal intensity on T2
and shows no enhancement after contrast. This may represent a
small postoperative seroma. The signal within the anterior
muscular compartment is normal. There is normal signal within the

Postoperative changes of the posterior proximal thigh after
sarcoma resection. No new findings are seen to suggest tumor
recurrence. Small fluid collections in the subcutaneous fat and
muscular compartment likely represent postoperative seromas.

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