Saturday, October 12, 2013

My mothers battle with Alzheimer's came to a end today.

I have spent the last week with my brother sitting at Kaiser while my Mom struggles to take her last few breaths. She had to be admitted a few days ago with phenomena. Alzheimer's has taken away her ability to swallow and breath for herself. We decided it was time. Kaiser gave us a nice private room for her to spend her final days in "Hospice". The medical fields word for death row.
This last week has been the hardest week for both my brother and I! It's not fair when the child has to make these kind of decision's!

After a long week my I could tell my Mom was ready to go. She was suffering and was afraid. I held her hand and prayed like I never prayed. I asked God to be mercy full and take her to be with him. With in a few minutes she gasped her final breath here on earth. I felt a calm come over me. A relief that she wont have to suffer anymore from this horrible decease.
I thanked God.
I cant help be be a little jealous. She is in a better place. There will be no more suffering no pain. She is with her parents and pets that she loved so much. I will miss her more than words! and if I had the power I would have found a cure and kept her here with me. But since that's not possible, this is a better plan!