Thursday, July 03, 2014

Brené Brown: Listening to shame

This is Brene Brown. I suggest you watch all her videos. I do! Why? because they all touched me in some way.
2 years ago while working my 4th step in a 12 step group I had a collision with shame, both past and present. It was a toxin in me. Something that was making it difficult to be happy and live a good life. It took me a month to deal with the shame I discovered I had been carrying around all these years. Brenes videos and books helped me!


Choose happy!

The art of forgiveness: Getting free from anger

This is the fourth and fifth posts in my Facebook on this. OK GOT IT! LOL

The art of forgiveness: Getting free from anger: "The art of forgiveness: Getting free from anger
Forgiveness is not easy when you have been betrayed. Instead, it's a way to grow toward being a happier, more loving person.

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Margaret Crowe

Resentment is one of the most damaging of human emotions. The perception of feeling wronged or betrayed can quickly harden into bitterness if we don’t make the effort to learn to grow past the fault we were dealt. Sometimes it may feel as though holding on to anger empowers us, or that if we forgive then we are approving of the action that hurt us so deeply. But you may be familiar with the cliché, “Holding on to bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. more,,,,,

and the fifth post today,,,

LDS Memes - New Testament - Luke 23:34:

The Twofold Promise of Forgiveness | True Woman

This seems to be the theme of the day. I had this subject come up on my Facebook wall three times today from different sources. Hum, there may be something to this message?

The Twofold Promise of Forgiveness | True Woman: "Forgiveness

Nancy Leigh DeMoss | 07.02.14
Twitter: @NancyDeMoss

I know just enough about computers, as they say, to be dangerous. But one thing I've learned the hard way is the meaning of that little button that's spelled D-E-L.
That's right. The delete key. (I'm guessing you know about that one yourself.)
Believers, of all people, should appreciate the joy of forgiveness . . . because of knowing what a treasure it is to be purely and perfectly forgiven.
Like you, I can think of times when I was working away at something on my computer and accidentally pressed the delete button, only to watch all my hard work vanish into thin air, leaving behind nothing but a blank screen of forgotten words."

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Free at last: I forgive you

This is powerful!

Free at last: I forgive you: "

Forgiveness is letting go of the feelings associated with an offense or wrongdoing against us. This doesn't absolve fault, but does free the forgiver from the chains of anger, hatred and vengeance. We all offend and are offended, so why is it sometimes difficult to forgive?

We must forgive

God requires us to forgive and to repent so we can seek his forgiveness for our own transgressions. Through his example at Calvary, Jesus taught us forgiveness. Despite his torture — flogging, mocking and carrying his own cross and then his hands and feet being nailed to that cross, Jesus said, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34)

Many of us know this and still hold grudges against friends and family members while we quickly forgive a stranger. Why are the ones we can rely on, more,,,,,,

July is Sarcoma awareness month.

Well it is July again. July is Sarcoma awareness month. Until last July I was "unaware" so to speak! I was diagnosed with a Sarcoma tumor in my thigh last July 29th.

I guess awareness means getting informed. Know the symptoms, check yourself and your children. Because cancer survival is early detection! Also awareness is, getting the word out about this type cancer. Finding a cure, better treatments and detection methods, raising money for people who can't afford treatment, getting support. Knowledge is key!

I am aware! I hope that you don't have to get this diagnosis to make you aware. Make the yellow ribbon as recognisable as the pink ribbon!