Thursday, August 08, 2013

My Bucket List

When you say "Bucket list" its just a fancy way of saying "things to do before I die". Now I'm not admitting defeat and say I'm dieing yet! Queue Tim McGraw's song "Live like you were dieing".
These thoughts do race through your mind when you've been told you have cancer. All of a sudden you realise life is fricken short, and you got shit to do. So you blow  the dust off your bucket list and re-prioritize.  No longer is the trip to Paris important, or bungee jumping. (that was on the bottom anyway). Now you realise what really matters!
I have had nothing but time this last 2 weeks to think. I know I'm not done! I got shit to do! 
Like my kids. Without me who would meddle in their lives. Who would nag them  about going to school and getting new jobs, remind them I don't have grandkids yet. But most important, love them like I do?
My dog Penny. The thought of her waiting by the door for me to come home forever is heart breaking. Besides,  I've spoiled her too bad for anyone else!
I'm now crossing the new car off my list. Not important.
I still have more family to love and enjoy!! After all I'm the big sister and I have two younger brothers that by birthright, "I am the boss of"!  :) Our father passed away a few years back and our mother has been in a Alzheimer's home for several years. All our grandparents are gone so that leaves the three of us. We aren't getting any younger and we need eachother. Not to mention my extended family too great in numbers to list right now.
I'm not done. I haven't written my final chapter. 
Right now I'm writing a new bucket list.

(I'm leaving the bungee jumping on the bottom). :)

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