Food and cooking

I love to cook! I have been cooking since I was young and would visit my Grandmothers house. I would help her can fruits and bake some of the most delicious desserts. So many of the things I cook are in my head and not written down so I wanted to start this page to showcase some of my favorite recipes and tips. I don't pretend to be a professional. In fact I feel I am always learning when I cook. My food is "ever evolving". I cook with my heart and nag from my mouth, so my sons says. My family has been great test subjects. They are usually honest about my cooking. I find new recipes everywhere. I like a lot of the recipes I find in the Extra magazine that BelAir market hands out at their registers. I get a lot of my inspiration from the food network channel. My favorite chefs are Tyler Florence and Ina Garten. I also get tons of my recipes that I have been very successful with off the site. Formally!
Go check out my Myspace cooking page. Under the Blog section I have recipes and tips.

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