Friday, August 20, 2010

God helps those who help themselves, and other inspirational quotes.

Those of you readers who know me know that I am not a person to throw the name God around. My religion is personal to me and I am the last person to tell you  who you should believe in.  In my blog today the name"God" can be whatever you interpret is as. Its just that simple.
Those of you who know me also know I hit a few bumps in the road of life. There has most the time been someone with "Words of Wisdom" during these times. Sometimes useful others a bunch of crap.  My Mom was full of wise quotes to fit the moment. One the my most remembered quotes my mother would say was, "God helps those who help themselves". I use to think "how biblical". NOT! Turns out that one of the most inspirational quotes in my life isn't from the Bible at all. I did some research. OK I Goggled it. It turns out that Benjamin Franklin quoted in Poor Richard's Almanac in 1757. During my researching (Google-ling) I read that he and this quote were not well liked by the religious group. So this is all I will say on Ben.

Back to my disappointment. After all it is usually about me. My Mom would tell me "God helps those who helps themselves" while I was wining about  homework, chores even getting my rain boots on. But as a child I had the fear of God and it worked. Now as a adult I still mutter that quote only because I use it out of contexts so to speak. I don't think God will peel your lifeless fat a$$ off the couch while watching Oprah and get you a job. If you give it your best you will get the help you need from whatever powers that be.
This leads me to another of my life altering quotes. I don't know if someone famous said this next quote. I guess I could have Goggled it. A middle age hippie mother at one of my kids school said something to me. It changed my life. I didn't know it at the time. In fact it pissed me off. Here I was pouring my heart out to her. My life was crap! I was getting a divorce, I had 3 small children, my job was going to end soon and this woman told me "You are in charge of your own destiny". It took me a few days for it to soak in. After all I am sure I had several other gatherings to share my pitiful life with others before I realized that no one was going to change my life. CRAP! I had to do it myself. Back to God helping me. God was not going to pull my sniveling un-showered butt out of bed and change the fact that I couldn't pay rent and I was too depressed to cook a real meal. I was in control of that part. Crap! So what now?  
As soon as I took control of things in my life that I could one step at a time the remainder of my problems worked themselves out. So to speak. 
This was several years ago, but these quotes seem to apply to me daily. If you don't like the way your life is going,  your job sucks. Stop and think how can YOU change it?  "You are in control of your destiny" and "God helps those who help themselves". 
Now for my favorite saying that I say to kids when they have a problem they think they can't solve. "Baby steps". You may not be able to tackle the whole problem Plan your attack using baby steps. 
When all else fails, and life is dumping a load of lemons on your front porch. Grab the vodka and make lemon drops!

 Whats on Oprah?

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